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Digital Art Live STUDIO

Digital Art Live STUDIO

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What's your story?

Your rendered artwork has a unique story to tell and we would love to hear that story and help develop your digital art skillsets.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and connect you to other digital artists and 3D content creators. Alongside that is a deeper purpose - and that's to transform the scenes or stories you've had in your mind (perhaps for years) into the outside world, so that your art is seen and appreciated.

Digital art tools provide so much potential in generating the stories from your imagination. All of us can have access to a cost-effective virtual studio to craft our characters and scenes exactly how we want (think DAZ Studio, Poser or Blender) . With modelling tools such as ZBrush, Blender, Marvelous Designer or Hexagon you can even create your own props from scratch if needed.

The power and potential of these tools are apparent, but there is a fairly intense journey involved in learning these tools, overcoming technical challenges and making design decisions aplenty! 

Take action to progress on your creative path, connect and learn with like-minded artists and have fun in the process! 

Join us to make that creative journey a memorable experience for you.

Does this sound like you?

> You have a GREAT idea for a visual story, but don’t know where to start and how to turn that into a plan of action…

> You’ve spent hours trying to build attractive artwork, and you feel stuck with a slow workflow…

> You’ve been trying to find a consistent style that makes your artwork different from everyone else…

> There’s a feeling of overwhelm in trying to get your story told, when dealing with digital art tools…

You've wanted to build a specific unique prop or clothing item, perhaps with moving parts, but the modelling and rigging process is a headache!

A dynamic and supportive community

Our supportive community and mentors will help you...

  • Get connected with artists that professionally publish stories using 3D character tools Poser and DAZ Studio.
  • Refine your postwork software skills (notably Photoshop / GIMP)
  • Validate and enhance your story idea
  • Define your readership
  • Refine your characters
  • Structure your story
  • Script your story
  • Find a styling that works for your narrative
  • Make the best use of your virtual camera
  • Compose your scenes
  • Utilise kit bashing
  • Edit or model unique props
  • Learn composition and layout
  • Get to grips with speech bubbles
  • Master pages, panels, splashes and spreads
  • Market and sell your story

Your experience

Your journey of creativity should not be done alone and we have a great deal of experience in bringing artists together. 

We've held over 300 webinar events and have had the satisfaction of seeing artists flourish with their visual narrative work and see them learn how to model and rig 3D content to become professional vendors.
Community is the centre of what we do and we'd love you to have regular EXPERIENCES on your artistic journey rather than become floundered and lost in a functional forum. 

Make your art and the journey in creating it meaningful by working with other artists.

To realise that we'll do that by:-

•    Post a new challenge every month that stretches your imagination.  More than a regular forum competition these challenges will educate and inspire you. Best of all we can talk about your progress as a group in our live workshops.

•    Regular live workshops. At least twice a month we'll hold free live webinars where you can share your art, demonstrate a tip, talk about your progress, connect with other artists and have fun!

The Digital Art Live STUDIO forums are based on the concept of a virtual studio - much like a film or TV production. You'll have discussions on topics such as lighting, character creation, wardrobe (clothing creation), scene building, writing, scripting and layout, postwork and prop building (modeling).